2nd Convocation

Held on February 8, 2007

Professor Dr. Iajudin Ahmed

People's Republic of Bangladesh

It gives me immense pleasure to know that BRAC University is going to hold its 2nd Convocation on February 8, 2007. On the
occasion of the august convocation, I congratulate all graduating students and the university authority as a whole.
Globalisation, state of total competition, needs competent and knowledgeable persons to face the challenges of the 21st century.
Universities are the main sources of producing capable human resources. I hope, the authority of educational intuitions will put their best efforts to provide quality educations for the sake of the nation.

I wish the convocation a great success.

Allah Hafez, Bangladesh Zindabad.

Fazle Hasan Abed

Governing Board, BRAC University

On this auspicious occasion, as BRAC University celebrates its second convocation, I would like to congratulate all the graduating students, their proud parents and the teachers and staff of BRAC University, who altogether made this day so special.

If we look back six years, when BRAC University started with only three Departments and BU now have five departments, three schools and a center. This success was sure to come, as the students and teachers have persevered utmost to develop their institution! I congratulate all the members of the BU family for their collective effort.

BRAC University aims to transform its students into competent, confident, creative and ethical graduates who will become virtuous citizens and enlightened leaders. They are made aware of their social obligations - responsibilities towards themselves, their parents and the nation.

The mission of BU is to foster the national development process through the creation of a center of excellence in higher education that is responsive to the needs of society. The goal of BU is not only to produce educated graduates, but also to give the country knowledgeable, ethical and professional individuals, who will in due course, prove their efficiency in all aspects of life.

On this gracious moment, as the students pass out from BU, they must remember their duties. I am certain our students will make the best use of their knowledge and experience.

Professor Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury

Vice Chancellor
BRAC University

February 8, 2007 marks an important day for us at BRAC University. This day is a celebration of success, much of which
will rest on the people who make up BRAC University - students, faculty, staff, parents, members of the governing board and academic council, alumni and our foreign academic institutional partners.

As BRAC University we pride ourselves in providing education, which is beyond ‘just academic knowledge’. We support students' intellectual and personal growth preparing them to become transformational leaders and citizens with sound ethical sense of values.

I am happy to note that Graduates of 2006, who formally received their degree about a year back, have already started making contributions to different sectors, which reflect positively to the image of our university.

A word of advice to the graduating class of 2007 that you have undoubtedly achieved success today, but your success will be measured by your ability to address challenges that you will face in life as managers. Towards that end hone your problem solving skills, sharpen your enquiring mind, be a good team player and develop a positive attitude.

I am confident that you will prepare for a future of opportunities and take on a world of infinite possibilities.


Professor Gowher Rizvi

Convocation Speaker
Director, Ash Institute
Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University

I write to offer my congratulations and felicitations on your graduation from BRAC University. You are a graduate of a young University but BRAC already has a world-wide reputation for service to humanity; and as a graduate of that great institution you are the inheritor of a proud tradition of public service and learning.

Your liberal education at BRAC University has bestowed on you the greatest gift that any one can seek - a disciplined and an inquiring mind that you can put to use in any field of human endeavor that you may choose. A disciplined mind that can distil information, formulate questions, sift through evidence, marshal arguments, separate the trees from the wood, organize the facts cogently, explain a phenomenon, and draw conclusions based on the evidence. It is the most valuable skill that you ever acquire; and if you continue to nurture it well, it will remain a life long asset. Liberal education not only trains and disciplines the mind; it inculcates in you the power of rationale reasoning, prepares you to become useful citizens of democratic societies and gives you the analytical tools needed for the pursuit of a profession.

The great advantage of an education that trains and disciplines the mind is that it give you a portable skill and a capacity for life long learning. Your education has taught you to lead a life of reflection and self-examination; the space to discover yourself and to ask yourself who you are and what is important to you; it has put the fire in your belly, enabled you to find your passions and to discover what gives you a purpose in life. And most importantly it has liberated you from the existence of a robot whose mind parrots the inherited wisdom and prejudices.

Your education is not only about training of the mind and equipping you with skills to operate in a global society; but it is also an intellectual preparation and a means to foster social and civic commitments so as to enable you to participate effectively in public life and fulfill your role as a citizen. If you can transcend the self and dedicate yourself to the service of humanity you will have upheld the highest ideals of BRAC. Destiny awaits you.

Jimmy Carter

It is with great pleasure that I both visualize a future that you will create and congratulate you on such an important moment in your lives. The world has been waiting for you. It's a world battered by disease reminding us daily that if you are poor you may not get the same benefits from science, education, knowledge and governments that you would get if you would get if you are rich.

It's a world groaning under the burden of injustice and crying out for people who are willing to dedicate their lives to correcting these inequities. It's a world waiting for people who are willing to make the science available to everyone, willing to understand the needs of the poor and willing to learn
from the poor in order to help rather than to impose. At this very moment you appear on the scene. You declared your interest by preparing to work in public health. You will carry the legacy of James P Grant, one of my personal heroes, into the hard fatiguing yet exhilarating world to share health knowledge.

I feel a direct connection as nation to you because I nominated Jim Grant for his position as head of UNICEF. I had the opportunity to immunize children with Jim Grant in poor parts of the world. He became the champion of the poor and specially poor children. He harnessed an entire global agency to improve immunizations, oral rehydration, a technique that was brought to the world's attention by Bangladesh, growth monitoring and breast feeding rates. He made micro nutrient malnutrition a priority in the world and he mastered the art of getting politicians interested in health.
You also carry the legacy of Fazle Abed, another hero of mine and BRAC which has demonstrated the importance of grassroots mobilization. You are now part of this movement, showing the world the power of motivated people to find their own solutions to the problems of the poor countries.

As part of the BRAC movement, you may have seen it and made it possible to make immunizations, oral rehydration and family planning available to everyone. This is a proud moment for you, the 1 st class to graduate from the James P Grant School of Public Health. I was deeply impressed to learn that you 25 pioneering students came from 10 different countries, that your faculty involves Bangladesh, Europe and the United States and that your curriculum has allowed you to live in both rural and urban areas for practical experience as you hone your skills.

It's a model that other schools would want to emulate. You not only represent the world, but you also provide hope. In a 100 years people will still be talking about the odds that they have overcome to start this school and the impacts you graduates had in changing the world.

Thank you for allowing me to share this moment.

Thank you for what you have done.

Thank you for what you will do in the future.


BU's first convocation took place only a year ago. Armed with the knowledge and skills gained at BU, our first batch of 115 graduates are working in multinational companies, financial institutions, software companies, telecommunications, media, advertising, non-government organizations, educational institutions, etc. We are justifiably proud of them and we expect that our second batch of graduates will follow and build on their success.

At our second convocation, 199 students are graduating in the following disciplines:

Bachelor's degrees

Architecture 4
Business Administration 36
Computer Science 32
Computer Science & Engineering 37
Economics 4
English 6

Master's degrees

Business Administration 24
Development Studies 6
Disaster Management 10
Governance & Development 15
Public Health 25



Award of Gold Medals

Chancellor's Gold Medal

Raisa Iffat Afsana (ECO)
Fahim Muhammad Hasan (CSE)
Jobair Mohammad Kaiser (MBA)

Vice Chancellor's Medal

Chowdhury Farah Jabeen (BBA)
Md. Tarek Habib (CS)
Fahim Muhammad Hasan (CSE)
Raisa Iffat Afsana (ECO)
Jobair Mohammad Kaiser (MBA)
Md. Quamrul Ahsan (MDS)
Omar Farook (MDM)
Asma Dina Ghani (MAGD)
Nasima Selim (MPH)