3rd Convocation

Held on December 30, 2007

President's Message

Professor Dr. Iajudin Ahmed

People's Republic of Bangladesh

I am pleased to learn that BRAC University is going to organize its third Convocation on December 2007.

The Convocation is the solemn occasion through which the students achieve their rewards for successful completion of their studies. I believe that the graduating students are prepared to face the challenges of todays dynamic and fast changing world. I hope the students will contribute and add value to the nation in their future endeavours.

I congratulate the graduating students, faculty and the authority of BRAC University on this grand occasion.

Allah Hafez, Bangladesh Zindabad.

Chief Advisor's Message

Dr. Fakruddin Ahmed

Chief Advisor
People's Republic of Bangladesh

I am happy to learn that the 3rd Convocation of BRAC University will be held in Dhaka on 30 December 2007.

On this auspicious occasion, I extend my felicitations and congratulations to the graduating students, their parents and the faculty.

I hope the new graduates will contribute towards the socio-economic development of our country.

I wish the convocation all success.

Advisor's Message

Ayub Quadri
Ministry  of Education
Ministry  of Primary & Mass Education
Ministry of Cultural Affairs
People's Republic of Bangladesh

Let me congratulate each one of you graduates on the successful completion of your studies at BRAC University. I understand that each of you has achieved a significant milestone in your academic career and you will become part of a distinguished group of BRAC university alumni.

Let me draw on my views about education: in a democratic state, education helps us reach towards a more effective state of affairs. It helps to impart knowledge and skill. Without education the development of a country seems less structured, less consistent and more vulnerable to crisis and complexity. Thus, it is important that individuals receive an education that will nurture and groom them into being conscious and pro-active citizens and also train them to become committed to finding solutions to problems and become life long learners.

Being the promising graduates that you are, I urge you to go forward as people with a vision, a vision that helps yourself and the community around you. I am pleased to join in this celebration of success and in years to come I hope to see some of you as business leaders, scientists and educators.

I wish you all the success in life as you start yet another journey.

Governing Board President's Message

Fazle Hasan Abed
F H Abed
Governing Board, BRAC University

My heartfelt congratulations to the third graduating class of BRAC University. This convocation is the culmination of your hard work and achievement. It is a proud moment for not only the graduates and their parents, but also the dedicated team of teachers and staff who have supported them throughout their university career.

I am pleased to note that BRAC University has, over the short course of its existence, emergeQ as an institution of excellence which strives to maintain relevance in the changing context of our times. Through the liberal arts education the university offers, we have endeavored to teach the students to think critically and value perspective. The university has also been successful in identifying the critical needs of our society and addressing them by offering specialized degrees in disciplines such as Disaster Management, Public Health and Governance.

As you go forward, I urge you to reflect on and take pride in the knowledge and experiences you have gathered in this institution. With the conferring of your degrees, you are also be bestowed with the responsibility to use your learning dutifully to the betterment of your society, especially for those who have not had the privilege that you have received.

I wish you all the success for the future.

Vice Chancellor's Message

Professor Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury
Professor Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury
Vice Chancellor
BRAC University

I feel very privileged to congratulate yet another graduating class as we celebrate the third convocation of BRAC University.

Let me remind you that the accomplishments we celebrate today would not have been possible without your own endeavours over the last few years and without the support of the members of our faculty and staff. Perhaps more than anything else parents and guardians likewise deserve this honour, as some have made great sacrifices in their commitment they have made towards their children's education.

Recognizing that you are our nation's future, our major task during the years you have been with us has been to ensure the best possible education for you. Many students who have graduated from this prestigious institution before you are already leaders in their own areas, and are making valuable contributions to different sectors of the society. I have no doubt that you will also follow that very path, armed with the qualifications that you have obtained.

I wish that each of you will go on to become very successful in your respective fields and that you will continuously find ways to meet the challenge ahead of you and widen your capabilities. Never measure your success by your material goals, but by the knowledge and wisdom that you will continue to gain.

My sincere congratulations and warmest best wishes to you all. Savour this moment as we honour you today.

Convocation Speaker's Message

Professor Rehman Sobhan
Professor Rehman Sobhan
Centre for Policy Dialogue

BRAC University deserves to be felicitate on the occasion of its Third Convocation. The University has made appreciable advances as a Centre of higher learning in its short life. Given the university's links with BRAC, which has attained global recognition for its extraordinary achievements in improving the lives of the deprived members of society, in the days ahead BRAC University must give some thought to its own distinctive role as an institution of higher learning. Whilst BRAC University must not deviate from its commitment to academic excellence, it must give more attention to bridging the escalating knowledge gap between a better educated elite and the poorly educated majority of our population. Command over information and knowledge is emerging as a source of accentuating social and economic disparity in the 21 st century. BRAC University must aspire to use its pedagogic resources to bridge this gap and create specific opportunities for the deprived to enhance their life opportunities, through access to higher learning. Bangladesh, BRAC and BRAC University's goal must be to create opportunities for the sons and daughters of landless peasants and workers who aspire to become scholars, professionals, administrators and parliamentarians. It is when such opportunities become a visible part of our social reality that we can claim that a process of social transformation is underway in Bangladesh. Our goal must be to move beyond the alleviation of poverty, to build a more just society where the deprived majority may look to the world of education and other forms of opportunity to equip them to claim their rightful share in the fruits of development and modernisation.

Professor Nazrul Islam

University Grants Commission of Bangladesh

I am delighted to learn that BRAC University is holding its third convocation, and I would like to convey my best wishes to the graduates on this auspicious occasion.

It has been over a decade since the private university act was approved. I am proud to say that some public institutions in Bangladesh have gained a reputation as world-class institutions that can compete with the best in the world. Now, with BRAC University's stewardship, I hope that access to education and knowledge will be broadened at a financially viable cost and with the enduring commitment in pioneering in excellence. I am very happy to know that BRAC University has made efforts in providing scholarship funds available to both the meritorious and financially underprivileged students.

I wish for you and BRAC University that you will become a guiding light for the future generation of students. I also hope that you will, as individuals, stand up with your great ideals to the great future ahead of you.

Chancellor's Gold Medal

Bachelor of Business Administration


Bachelor's degrees

Architecture 13
Business Administration 131
Computer Science 23
Computer Science & Engineering 36
Economics 9
Electronics and Communication Engineering 9
English 19

Master's degrees

Business Administration 45
Development Studies 5
Governance & Development 4
Public Health 27