4th Convocation

Held on February 5, 2009

President's Message

Professor Dr. Iajudin Ahmed

People's Republic of Bangladesh

I am happy to learn that BRAC University is holding its 4th Convocation on February 05, 2009. On this occasion, I convey my heartfelt felicitations to the graduating students their parents and the university authority as well.

Convocation is a solemn occasion that acknowledges the success of the students. 1 hope the graduating students of this University would effectively face the challenges of today's dynamic & fast changing world. I urge upon the new graduates to contribute to the development of our country.

I wish the Convocation a success.

Allah Hafez, Bangladesh Zindabad.

Prime Minister's Message

Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister
People's Republic of Bangladesh

I am pleased to learn that the 4th Convocation of BRAC University is going to be held on 05 February 2009.

On this occasion, I extent my felicitations and congratulations to the graduating students, their parents, the faculty and the authority of BRAC University.

I hope that the new graduates will engage themselves to meet the cghallenges of transforming the socio-economic landscape of the country

I wish the Convocation all success

Joi Bangla, Joi Bangabandhu
May Bangladesh Live Forever

Nurul lslam Nahid M P

Ministry of Education and
Ministry of Primary & Mass Education
People's Republic of Bangladesh

It gives me much pleasure to congratulate the graduates on the successful completion of their studies at BRAC University. Each one of them has achieved an important milestone in life and will join a growing list of distinguished BRAC University Alumni.

I firmly believe that in a democratic nation education enables us all to achieve an effective state of affairs. The knowledge and skills that a good education system imparts allow us to navigate the terrain of an increasingly complex world and confront emerging challenges with greater confidence. I am sure that during their pursuit of knowledge, the graduates have made best use of all the resources and prepared themselves for the future with a view to bring about welfare for our people.

I urge the graduates to proceed in their journey with a vision that helps not only themselves but the country as a whole to which they belong. They should remember that they are the leaders Of tomorrow and our country's future rests on their shoulders.

I wish the graduates the very best in the days ahead.

Governing Board President's Message

Fazle Hasan Abed
F H Abed
Governing Board, BRAC University

First, let me offer my heartfelt congratulations to the graduates as we celebrate the Fourth Convocation of BRAC University. This is a proud moment for all of us as it represents the culmination of their hard work and achievement. It is not only our graduates that we celebrate today. but also their parents and the faculty and staff of the university who make this university the vibrant institution that it is.

In the course of just seven years. BRAC University has come a long way. It is recognized as one of the top private universities in the country. and it strives to offer courses and programs that are contemporary and relevant to the needs of the present day. At the same time. the broad-based education our students receive ensures that the learn to think critically and see things from multiple perspectives. We arc also mindful of the critical needs of our society. and offer specialized postgraduate programs in Governance. Public health. Development Studies. Business Administration. Biotechnology. Applied Economics. Disaster Management and English.

My advice to our graduates is to rel1cet on what you achieved so far. while also remembering that there is much more to learn. You have had the privilege of receiving an excellent education. but that also means you have the responsibility to use your education for the betterment of our society, to improve the lives of others who have not had the opportunities that you have had.

Congratulations once again, and warm wishes for the future.

Vice Chancellor's Message

Professor Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury
Professor Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury
Vice Chancellor
BRAC University

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate the fourth graduating class of BRAC University on this auspicious day.

BRAC University has moved ahead with tremendous strides in the last seven years and our students and graduates are the proof of our progress. It is your hard work that we are celebrating today. Your parents and guardians also deserve special recognition for all they have done to make your education possible. And of course the faculty and staff that form the backbone of this institution deserve praise for always striving to help students achieve their full potential.

We are all aware of the complex problems of the world today, and as future citizens of this country and of the world, it will be your responsibility to try I tackle some of these problems. We have endeavoured to provide you with a education that will give you the skil1s necessary to succeed in your chosen field. II am confident that the knowledge and training gained here will hold you in good stead in whatever career you decide to pursue.

I hope that all of you will succeed in following your dreams, and someday become leaders in your fields. But always try to continue learning from others, widening your knowledge, and gaining wisdom.

Once again, I congratulate you for your accomplishments, and I wish you the best as you set out into the world.

Convocation Speaker's Message

Rajat K. Gupta
Rajat K. Gupta
Convocation Speaker
McKinsey & Company, Inc. United States

It is a great pleasure to salute BRAC University on the occasion of this Convocation, and to applaud the achievements of its faculty, alumni and students.

Advanced education is preparing today's students to confront the challenges of building a stronger society at home and promoting development overseas. As we recognize the university's scholars for their academic distinction, we feel confident that they will make a strong contribution to a broader social mission: building a more prosperous, more harmonious international community.

Global issues require global-level thinking, and BRAC University is equipping its graduates with an awareness of the complex and interconnected issues that now confront mankind. As they pursue their careers in private enterprise, public service or nonprofit organizations, the graduates will assert the skills they developed here, to help their communities live up to their full potential for success.

On this day when we honor their academic success and renew our social commitment, allow me to add my congratulations to the graduates, faculty and leaders of BRAC University.

Chief Guest's Message

Professor A. F. Salahuddin Ahmed
Professor A. F. Salahuddin Ahmed
Chief Guest

It gives me great pleasure to learn that BRAC University is holding its 4th Convocation on February 5, 2009. This is indeed a festive occasion not only for the graduating students and their families but also for every member of BRAC University family.

The Convocation is a happy occasion through which students receive their rewards for sincere and dedicated work throughout their programme of studies. I believe that the graduating students, with the quality education they have received from this great institution are prepared to face the challenges of a dynamic and fast changing world. I hope the students will make significant contributions in their respective professions and add value to their future endeavours.

I congratulate the graduating students, their parents. the faculty and administrations of BRAC University on this grand occasion.


Bachelor's degrees

Architecture 35
Business Administration 189
Computer Science 18
Computer Science & Engineering 28
Economics 11
Electronics and Communication Engineering 47
English 22
LL.B 7

Master's degrees

Business Administration 106
MA in English 5
MS in Applied Econimics 3
MS in Biotechnology 4
Development Studies 17
Post Graduate Programs in Disaster management 15
Governance & Development 13
Public Health 28
LL.B Evening Program 5


Award of Gold Medals

Chancellor's Gold Medal 


Vice Chancellor's Medal