7th Convocation

Held on February 19, 2012

President's Message

Mr. Md. Zillur Rahman

Mr. Md. Zillur Rahman


People's Republic of Bangladesh

I am delighted to learn that BRAC University is going to observe its 7th Convocation on 19 February 2012. On this happy occasion, I extend my heartfelt felicitations to all the graduating students, faculties, guardians and the university authority as well.

Convocation, a significant milestone for a university, provides the ample opportunity to confer degree upon the graduating students in befitting manner as well as evaluates the overall activities of the university. In this age of globalization, it should be the priority of any educational institution to make its learners efficient and competent enough to face the challenges of the competitive world. The government of Bangladesh is committed to ensuring quality of education and, therefore has formulated National Education Policy 2010 and enacted Private University Act, 2010 in this regard. I call upon all concerned to come forward in order to materialize the hopes and aspirations of the people. I believe the graduates who are passing out today will excel in their profession and contribute to the progress and prosperity of the nation.

I wish the 7th convocation of BRAC University a success. Khoda Hafez, May Bangladesh Live Forever.


Prime Minister's Message

Sheikh Hasina

Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister
People's Republic of Bangladesh

I am happy to learn that BRAC University is going to hold its 7th Convocation on 19 February 2012. On this occasion, I congratulate the graduating students, their guardians, teachers and the university authorities.

The government has put topmost priority on higher education to build a knowledge-based society and improve the socio-economic condition of the countrymen.

Private universities can play an important role to produce skilled manpower to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

I hope the graduating students of this university will contribute towards building a golden Bangladesh as dreamt by the Greatest Bangalee of all time, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

I wish the 7th Convocation of BRAC University a successful one.

Joi Bangla, Joi Bangabandhu
May Bangladesh Live Forever

Message from Ministry of Education and
Ministry of Primary & Mass Education

Nurul lslam Nahid M P

Nurul lslam Nahid M P





Ministry of Education and
Ministry of Primary & Mass Education
People's Republic of Bangladesh

It gives me great pleasure to learn that BRAC University is holding its 7th Convocation on 19th February 2012.

On this auspicious occasion, I extend my heartiest felicitations to graduating students and congratulate them on their achievements. I also congratulate the parents and guardians for the sacrifices they made. I also commend the Faculty and staff of BRAC University for the immense efforts that they undertook in instilling students with the knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the 21st century.

In the mean time BRAC University has emerged as a promising university & hope it will continue to be expanding during the years to come.

I hope the graduates, imbibed with the spirit of patriotism and devotion to duty, will make significant contribution to the progress and development of Bangladesh. They will act as our ambassadors to the world and will win laurels of honour and victory for the nation.

I wish the 7th Convocation of BRAC University all success.


Message from Chairman (State Minister)

Professor Dr. A K Azad Chowdhury

Professor Dr. A K Azad Chowdhury

Chairman (State Minister)

I am delighted to learn that BRAC University is going to hold its 7th Convocation on 19 February 2012. Convocation is one of the most noteworthy events in the lives of graduating stuents. I extend my warm greeting s and felicitations to them for their most valued success.

Since its inauguration in 2001, BRAC University has secured a status as leading academic institution in Bangladesh, dedicated to offering excellent teaching facilites and research opportunities. The committed and meticulous faculty and staff are assiduous in nurturing young and promising intellectuals of today, who, I hope, will become enterprising professionals in their respective fields of study and contribute to the welfare of the nation.

I heartily congratulate the new graduates, who are being conferred with the well deserved degrees, their parents, faculty members and the authority of BRAC University on this auspicios occasion. I wish the Convocation a grand success.


Message of the Chairperson
Board of Trustees

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, KCMG

Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, KCMG






Board of Trustees
BRAC University

I extend my heartiest congratulations to the graduating class of 2011, the seventh batch of students to graduate from BRAC University. Today's ceremony commemorates yet another milestone for BRAC University. The highlight of this memorable event is you, our distinguished graduates, for whom this day marks a turning point, as you leave behind the University days and embark on a challenging and exciting journey into the world with all its trials, tribulations and opportunities. It is my firm belief that as graduates of this University you have been instilled with the values of service and commitment to society and the nation.

Parents, guardians and well wishers have played a pivotal role in encouraging the graduates to accomplish their academic goals. I extend my thanks to faculty members and staff of BRAC University for their unstinting efforts, enthusiasm and guidance in providing our students with the highest standard of education. I also express gratitude to the distinguished members of the Board of Trustees and the Academic Council for their time, energy and wise counsel.

The vision behind the establishment of BRAC University was to create an educational institution committed towards high-quality teaching and research opportunities for the youth of the nation. It gives me great pride to acknowledge that over the past decade, the University has made remarkable progress in materializing that vision of excellence. BRAC University has created a niche for itself in the fields of Social Development, Public Health, the Sciences, Humanities, Education and Governance.

Let me congratulate this year's graduates once again. Education is a continuous process, and I hope you always remain committed to further learning and make a positive contribution to the improvement and amelioration of a society where not everyone gets the academic privileges that you have enjoyed.

Many congratulations and my best wishes for all of you in the future.


Vice Chancellor's Message

Professor Ainun Nishat

Professor Ainun Nishat






Vice Chancellor

BRAC University

I congratulate the graduating students of the 7th convocation of BRAC University.

With each passing year, the progress and development of BRAC University have taken this institution forward on its march to academic excellence. Our innovative academic curriculum is constantly updated, enabling students to explore new fields of study and provide them with a much wider array of academic interest and pursuits. The last couple of years have witnessed the growing academic interest in the Undergraduate programmes in Pharmacy, Biotechnology, and Microbiology. Our graduates are testimony to the excellence of our academic programmes. Some of them are involved in cutting edge research, both in the social and natural sciences; others are teaching in reputed educational institutions, or creating a niche for themselves in the corporate world. Still others are pursuing higher education in some of the best academic institutions around the world.

I express my sincere gratitude for the guidance and counsel accorded to us by the Board of Trustees, and especially its Chairperson, Sir Fazle Hasan Abed KCMG. I convey my appreciation for the members of the Syndicate and the Academic Council for their continuous help and advice. I am also immensely obliged for the earnest cooperation we have received from our founding organization, BRAC, on a daily basis.

Once again, I convey my warmest congratulation to the graduates of this year. I urge you to march into the world where you will be tested, but also rewarded for your competence and devotion as you confront life's daily challenges. I express my thanks to the parents and guardians for their support and sacrifice. I pray for the success and happiness of the students receiving their degrees in this ceremony, and wish them all the best as they set out on their life's journeys.


Convocation Speaker's Messages

Justice Muhammad Habibur Rahman

Justice Muhammad Habibur Rahman






Convocation Speaker
Former Chief Justice

I express my heartfelt congratulations to the 7th graduating batch of BRAC University.

It is an auspicious occasion, where the young faces in front of me, represent the future hopes of this country. Youth upholds many possibilities and hopes; I hope that gradually in their academic or professional careers the students will ensure the future development for Bangladesh. I am confident that BRAC University imparts both a quality education and training in leadership skills. Combining the best of these two components, the students of BRAC University will make us proud at every step of their lives.

I wish all the graduating students the best of luck and great success.

Graduates Information

Total Graduates: 608 Students

Bachelor's degrees:
397 Students

Postgraduate degrees:
211 Students


Award of Gold Medals


Chancellor's Gold Medal For Year 2011

Nowrin Nowshaba
Master of Biotechnology

Nusrat Jahan Dipa
Bachelor of Social Science in Economics

Maria Matin
Bachelor of Social Science in Economics

Vice Chancellor's Medal For Year 2011

Maruf Shahjahan
Master of Business Administration

Mushira Habib
Master of Arts in English

Ahsan Firoz
Master in Disaster Management

Md. Saidur Rahman
Master of Development Studies

Arpita Majumdar
Master of Science in Early Childhood Development

Md. Abdul Mannan Mia
Master of Education in Educational Leadership, Planning and Management

Nowrin Nowshaba
Master of Science in Biotechnology

Anika Kamal
Master of Science in Applied Economics

Sumangala Chaudhury
Ahmed Ehsanur Rahman
Emily Kathleen Eck
Master of Public Health

Tanzil Idmam Shafique
Bechelor of Architecture

Ayaz Mahmud
Bechelor of Business Administration

Aysha Siddique Shanta
Bechelor of Science in Electronics and Elecrical Engineering

Khondokar Nayef Reza
Bechelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering

Ipshita Das
Bechelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Nusrat Jahan Dipa
Maria Matin
Bechelor of Social Science in Economics

Tonima Hossain
Bechelor of Arts in English

Kazi Tuney Binte Zinnat
Bechelor of Laws, LL.B.(Hons.)

Tahsin Faraz
Bechelor of Science in Physics