Centres and Initiatives

Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER)

Since its inception, BRAC University has conducted a series of cross-sectoral research on climate change and disaster management in direct collaboration with BRAC. To coordinate and manage these different activities, the Syndicate and the Board of Trustees of BRAC University have accorded for establishment of a research center titled “Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C3ER)". The Centre establishes a synergy between BRACU and BRAC in the field of climate change and other environmental issues.

Centre for Entrepreneurship Development

Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) started its journey in April 2011 with the view to encourage Bangladeshi entrepreneurs and engender entrepreneurial knowledge and skill so that they can develop and grow their own businesses.

Control and Applications Research Centre

The Control & Applications Research Centre (CARC) has expertise and activities in an area of systems and control engineering. CARC has a strong practical focus to the work, and many of the projects involve close collaboration with industrial organizations. We emphasis upon the application requirements and exercise established theoretical techniques to provide solutions through technological demonstration.

Professional Development Centre

The Professional Development Centre (PDC) is an innovation of BRAC University dedicated to promoting excellence in education through shared understanding and best practice. The centre was previously known as the Teaching & Learning Centre, opened in 2006. The PDC strives to build a creative environment of pedagogical development and research that fosters innovation across the University in collaboration with faculty and administrative staff. The focus of the centre is to keep the campus community updated with pedagogical developments, coordinate academic resources, support professional development and contribute to successful student learning. From group events to personalized attention, the PDC supports measurable effectiveness in faculty development, course instruction and assessment, scholarly research, and innovation in education technologies. Our expanding activities and services include orientations, workshops and seminars, individual consultations, pedagogical research, teaching courses and programme design.

Certificate Programme on Environmental Management Governance (EMG)

The BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), BRAC University is offers Certificate Programme on Environmental Management and Governance jointly with the Centre for Natural Resource Studies of the University of Manitoba, Canada. The main purpose of the certificate programme is to sensitise and enhance the capacity of participants on key environmental governance issues related to natural resources and environment management. The certificate course is an intense programme which would provide opportunities to the participants to be trained with key concepts of environmental issues and concerns, management system, environmental governance, implementation methods and procedures.