Centre for Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship plays an essential role in ensuring a strong resource for economic development and it is the key to high growth of economy in a country. It is also considered as the root of our economy. With a growing economy like Bangladesh, having an increasing youth population, entrepreneurs will be a key driving force to meet the needs of the industry and economy. It has the ability to foster growth and alleviate poverty. One of the major problems of entrepreneurship development in our country is the absence of the entrepreneurial skills in majority of the entrepreneurs. In line with this, BRAC University, first time in Bangladesh, came-up with an idea to establish a centre for entrepreneurship development with a commitment to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in Bangladesh.

Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) started its journey in April 2011 with the view to encourage Bangladeshi entrepreneurs and engender entrepreneurial knowledge and skill so that they can develop and grow their own businesses. CED provides a platform for new, small and medium – scale enterprise through skills acquisition activities for the development and management of the enterprise. To understand the enterprise better CED emphasizes on research that will contribute to entrepreneurial development in Bangladesh, advance education and skill acquisition along this line, and popularize the idea of entrepreneurship.

Mission of the CED

"Helping people help themselves” through innovation and entrepreneurship

Function of CED

  • Popularize the idea of entrepreneurship in Bangladesh and help build capabilities of our entrepreneurs.
  • Address the knowledge gap and skill shortcomings that prevent entrepreneurs (in various sectors) from growing their businesses and run them effectively.
  • Develop academic curricula and introduce courses targeting entrepreneurs and students, who wish to pursue an entrepreneurial path.
  • Engage and collaborate with local and international organizations and educational institutes for improving the entrepreneurial ventures of local and foreign entrepreneurs: running international exchange programs, industry specific seminars and acting as project implementers for international donors and agencies.