English and Humanities

The Department of English and Humanities is the liberal arts core of the University. The Department fosters the imaginative, observational, analytical and communicative skills of its students through its three major streams: Literature, Applied Linguistics & ELT and Media and Cultural Studies. The Department also offers a Minor programme in History, which helps the students to contextualize their learning. 

The Literature concentration introduces students to a wide variety of English writing from different historical periods and regions and aims to inculcate a strong analytical orientation, encouraging students to contextualize literary works in relation to their historical and cultural realities. A critical and analytical focus is encouraged through interactions with theoretical materials and writing exercises.

The Applied Linguistics and ELT concentration offers an understanding and analysis of language both as an acquired skill and a socio-cultural phenomenon, introducing students to different theories of language and their application in real life for English language teaching and beyond.

The interdisciplinary nature of the Media and Cultural Studies concentration equips students with an orientation based on the origin and evolution of “media”, study of cultural theories and an awareness of power-plays and world politics, enabling them to interpret the ever-changing cultural traditions and gain insights into global events and universal or personal experiences.

The undergraduate students excel in their final year, when they have to write a dissertation or a report of the internship done in a relevant organization. This exercise helps them to gain confidence and focus on the application of the knowledge and training they receive in their previous years in the University.

The postgraduate programme for the degree of M.A. in English has two streams: Literature and Applied Linguistics & ELT. In their literature concentration, students get exposed to a wide variety of subjects like postcolonialism, feminism, postmodernism and the many dimensions of contemporary literature, making it a unique literature programme in Bangladesh. The Applied linguistics & ELT concentration also equips the students with a deep understanding of English as a language and the different approaches adopted towards English teaching.

The introduction of the Minor in History allows students from all departments to take various History courses, making the Department of English and Humanities an interactive one, with a multi-disciplinary student body.