• MNS Department

Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The essential role of science and technology in modern times, be it in the realms of physical sciences, biological sciences, medical sciences, social sciences, engineering, agriculture, finance, commerce, business and management cannot be over emphasized. So it was quite natural that the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNS) was established as one of the key departments of BRAC University when it started its journey in 2001.  MNS Department has been providing quality education in basic and applied sciences to the students of different disciplines of BRACU including its own.

Apart from offering courses in physical and life sciences like physics, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, microbiology and also courses in mathematics, statistics, economic geography, environmental sciences, MNS Department also has its own undergraduate degree programs in physics, applied physics and electronics, microbiology, biotechnology and mathematics. It also offers a Master’s program namely, MS in Biotechnology. Besides, some faculty members of the Department are teaching courses in mathematics and statistics at the post graduate levels of other schools and departments at BRACU.