• School of Law

School of Law

Founded in 2004, the School of Law at BRAC University is a gateway through which students are prepared for careers in law, in administrative services, the judiciary and in the development sector. The four-year undergraduate programme at the School of Law culminates into a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree for successful students. Although the primary emphasis of the programme is on law and the legal profession, given that Law is also intertwined with economics, development, business and sociology, it also prepares students who are inclined to seek professions in other disciplines.

The faculties of the School of Law are handpicked for their academic excellence and individual expertise. They bring with them teaching-learning experiences from Universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, the United States of America and Bangladesh. The faculty has individual expertise in the areas of child rights, criminal law, consumer laws, gender studies, business laws, economics, international laws and human rights; all which are shared with the students in course work and in workshops and lecture programmes organised by the School.

The School of Law is also noteworthy in the fact that it has both a Law Club and a Moot Court Society, where students are constantly engaged in preparing for moot court competitions, writing research papers and articles for the Law Club newsletter ‘Acumen’ and planning lecture programmes and social awareness activities. The mooters have been successful in several national and international competitions, including the prestigious ICRC Henry Dunant Moot Court Competitions. They are a force to be reckoned with in the national arena

Recognising BRAC’s background and the goals and commitments of BRAC University, the School of Law endeavours to impart legal education to seek legal solutions that respect social, cultural and aesthetic needs of the people. To meet this goal, it strives to impart to its students not only the tenets of the law, but also legal philosophy, rights-based issues and a broader awareness of the society they live in. Graduates from the School of Law are now pursuing careers as lawyers, judges, corporate legal officers, development workers and academics.