Postgraduate Programs

The advantage of Postgraduate study is that it allows students to enter employment with additional skills and knowledge. One of the benefits of a Postgraduate research degree and the purpose of research is the output of original contributions to knowledge. The degree can demonstrate capability and tenacity to undertake an extended piece of investigative work.

A Postgraduate degree can also help to develop important transferable lifestyle skills and employability skills: such as

  • public speaking
  • preparing presentations
  • writing proposals
  • specialised knowledge and
  • maturity

The degree works towards producing graduates well prepared to take a leadership role that upholds professionalism, responsibility and motivation.  A Postgraduate degree offers the graduate students a continuous higher education with the preparations of scientific and professional skills. It prepares students for the future challenges and provide them with knowledge and skills that expose them to creativity and enable them to contribute to development.

BRAC   University   strives to enhance the national development process through the creation of a center of excellence in higher education that is responsive to society’s needs. BRAC University provides opportunities in enhancing excellence in learning, teaching and research technology to achieve higher position among local and international universities in the field of higher education programs. BRAC University offers specialized programs ranging from absolute sciences to a variety of multidimensional disciplines in Liberal Arts. It provides affordable high quality education in a safe and secure environment, which enables them to excel in life.