Student Affairs

About us

The Office of Student Affairs supports and complements the academic missions of BRAC University by providing campus services and resources that enrich the overall student experience and learning environment. The Office collaborates with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents in the design and delivery of key services and support to students, faculty, and academic departments.

The Office of Student Affairs offers a variety of programs and services dedicated to the intellectual, social, psychological, ethical, and professional development and wellbeing of all BRAC University students, and to the direct support of faculty in pursuit of the university’s mission. These include the first year advising programs, orientation programs, career and internship services, co-curricular and club activities, personal and social counseling, and teaching and learning support. The common thread that binds all the offices of Student Affairs is a commitment to provide an engaging and active learning environment that enhance the personal growth of all students, and complement BRAC University’s commitment to academic excellence.

The Mission

The mission of the office is guided by two principles: to support BRAC University’s commitment to the highest academic standards of scholarship, teaching and mentoring of all students, and to enhance the quality of campus life for students – both in and out of the classroom.

Aims and Visions

Our aim is to design and deliver a wide array of university programs and campus resources that facilitate an active and enriching learning environment at BRAC University. Our vision is that students will:

  • Achieve high standards of academic success and personal development during their time at BRAC University;
  • Graduate with integrity and purpose, focused on their professional development and contributions to society;
  • Care about themselves and others; and
  • Develop the skills and judgment to successfully meet challenges beyond BRAC University, both individually and collectively.

Further, our vision for excellence extends to the greater BRAC University community, which we seek to support with a variety of programs and services provided by Student Affairs to students, faculty, staff, alumni, families, and guests of the University.

Programs and Services

Established in July 2003 to coordinate all aspects of student services and campus resources, the Office of Student Affairs houses the following programs and services:

  • First Year Advising Team (FYAT)    
  • Relationship Management Office (Freshman Programs)
  • Office of Career Services and Alumni Relations (OCSAR)
  • Counseling Unit
  • Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC)
  • Office of Co-Curricular Activities

To contact the Office of Student Affairs, please call 04478444087 (Ext. 5092), or email studentaffairs[at][dot]bd, or visit us on the second floor of University Building # 6 at the Mohakhali campus.