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First Year Advising Team

About us

The Office of Student Affairs is proud to announce the full-scale launch of an integrated program of First Year Advising Teams (FYAT) for new undergraduate students from Spring 2014 semester onward. The FYAT Program is a component of the student-centered approach to informing and mentoring students in order to ensure their academic success and personal development at BRAC University.

Mission of FYAT

The central mission of FYAT is to provide integrated program of academic advising that seeks to inform and support new students, monitor academic performance and needs, and guide academic planning during the first year. The FYAT advisers and mentors will focus exclusively in those areas of university education and student life that concern all students at the university.

In other words, FYAT will design and deliver student-centered services in those areas of academic curriculum and co-curricular activities that are critical to the learning and personal growth of all students, but often fall outside the purview of individual departments. The First Year Advisers thus seek to complement the existing structure of departmental advising and registration by providing guidance in general areas of academic and campus life at BRAC University.

Objectives of FYAT

The specific objectives of the FYAT program are as follows:

  • Provide a welcoming and supportive environment for new students;
  • Inform students about university requirements and campus resources;
  • Facilitate the transition to academic and student life at BRAC University;
  • Monitor academic performance in first-year courses;
  • Assess student learning needs and other areas that impact performance;
  • Advise students about planning and personal goal-setting for academic success at BRAC University.