“Jano Bangladesh”-Next Destination Ratargul Swamp Forest and Lalakhal

Publish Date: 
Friday, April 22, 2016 - 15:15

The third phase of tour under “Jano-Bangladesh” initiative taken by BRAC Business School, BRAC Universitywas to Ratarguland Lalakhal. It is a part of major course of marketing named Brand Management. The journey with 25 students started on 21st April, 2016.The students were led by Ms. Rahma Akhter ,lecturer(BRAC Business School) along with Mr. Mostak Ahamed, Senior DCO, (BRAC Business School).

The students were taken to Ratargul, the only freshwater swamp forest in Bangladesh on the first day of the tour in the morning. Ratargul Swamp Forest is located at the GoainGhat area of Sylhet Division in Bangladesh. The boat ride in the forest was an extraordinary experience for the students. The trees, water, the boat and everything around created an amazing environment.

In the evening they visited Lalakhal. It is in Jaintapur Upazilla and is covered with hills, natural forests, tea gardens, and rivers under the Jainta Hill which comprises part of the Meghalaya Ranges of India. The students were also taken to the shrine of Hazrat Shah Paran. At the end of the day, the famous seven layer tea was enjoyed by the students.

The second day started with a trip to Lakhatura tea garden and factory visit of National Tea Company. The students were amazed to see the facility and process. The purpose of organizing such a tour was to make students relate theories and practices. Thus they collected data and feedbacks from their experience. It is a fraction of a comparative research study on Bangladesh tourism and its prospects.