C3ER Team Visited at Bandarban Led by Professor Ainun Nishat

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 10:30

In April 2016, a group of 12 individuals from C3ER, led by Professor Ainun Nishat, Advisor, A S Moniruzzaman Khan, Director (In-control), C3ER, BRAC University went to Bandarban so as to watch the current malaria scenario and also for comprehending the connection of climatic change with malaria transmission under the project Increase and/or Transmission of MALARIA: Role of Climate Change. The field visit was conducted from 26 April 2016 to 28 April 2016. This field visit was contained three sections where the first session was a KII (key informant interview). This session was held with Dr. Uday Shankar Chakma, Civil Surgeon Officer, Bandarban. He uncovered that because of the vacillation of climatic parameters; in 2014, a sudden flare-up of malaria happened for which around 14 individuals died in Bandarban region. As indicated by him, in 2014 flighty precipitation was watched which was a primary reason for that sudden episode though in 2015 overwhelming and proceeds with precipitation happened and fewer malaria cases were accounted for. He additionally included that improper use of antimalarial units like mosquito net could be another purpose for that flare-up. The next session was with the health workers and officers of BRAC, who are working in malaria project. This meeting was held to know the practical experiences of the health workers and to realise the contribution of BRAC for prevention of malaria in Bandarban district. The third and last session was an FGD (focused group discussion) where the general population who has as of now been endured by malaria of a village called Thoinga Para and the health worker of that para were present. Before that other two groups directed field visit at Rangamati on 01 April 2016 to 06 April 2016 and at Khagrachori from 23 April 2016 to 26 April 2016. As a group from C3ER Dr. Sajidur Rahman, Assistant Professor, Mr. Reaz Uddin Khan, Lecturer, Ms. Naznin nasir Dola, Ibrat Sharif, Research Associate, Mr. Hafizul Hossain, DCO, Saw. Mu. Shamoel Haque, Ms. Nureen Faiza Anisha, Research Assistant, Ms. Maliha Tabassum, Ms. Nabila Hoque, Internee partook in the field visit.