A Pragmatic Seminar on “Need for youth engagement in climate change issues: avoiding the environmental Kuznets curve”

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 15:15

Environmental pollution has become quite a concerning issue of recent times. It is high time to encourage youth engagement in climate change issues to raise awareness against environmental pollution. Keeping this in mind, the Department of Pharmacy organized a pragmatic seminar on climate change on April 25, 2016 in association with BRAC University Pharma Society (BUPS). The seminar was held at building #3 of BRAC University premises. Mr. M. ZubairHossain, President, Green Steps Partner (GSP) was the keynote speaker on this occasion. GSP is non-profit organization, based in Maryland, USA, which has been working relentlessly to address environmental issues in different parts of the world.

The seminar began with a warm greeting from Mr. Imon Rahman, Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy and Advisor, BUPS to the students. Then Mr. M. Zubair Hossain started his presentation with a brief description of Kuznets curve. In his presentation, he pointed out the sources of pollution in our environment. He outlined steps we could take as individuals, communities, corporations and nations to control climate change. He also mentioned lack of awareness and sense of responsibility as one of the primary reasons for environmental pollution. Finally, he ended his speech by motivating the students towards engagement in climate change issues, since they are the future of nation.

The seminar was attended by Dr. Mark James Bartholomew, Consultant, Professional Development Center, BRAC University, Dr. Eva Rahman Kabir, Chairperson, Department of Pharmacy, Dr. Zulfiquer Hossain, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy along with other faculty members of the department.

After the seminar, a small discussion session was also held between Mr. M. Zubair Hossain and Mr. Imon Rahman along with the executive body of BUPS. In this discussion, the speaker expressed his desire to make BUPS the local partner of Green Steps Partner from Bangladesh, which was gladly accepted by the BUPS team. The Department of Pharmacy and the BUPS look forward to more such initiatives in future.

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