Dress Code

As a leading private university in the country and one that strives to create educated youth ready to face the challanges of a highly competitve world, the Unversity expects its faculty, students and the staff to display a positive image of the University in their dress and attire at all times. All are expected to come to the university wearing clean, decent dress that goes in conformity with its academic and cultural ethos. While a list of what one is expected to wear will be too exhaustive to be detailed, the University stipulates following dress items that are NOT permitted any time in the Campus:

a. Face mask or hood of any kind that makes the individual unidentified.
b. Shorts of any kind, including three-quarter.
c. Mini or midi skirts.
d. Bathroom slippers (except for cleaning staff).
e. A dress item that contains offensive slogan, picture or sign.

This does not bar any Department/Institute/School to prescribe any dress or attire that is considered necessary in the execution of its academic program.